Samson Juicer 

Model No. GB-9001


Sale Price $238 and Free Shipping.
5-year parts and labor warranty
10-year warranty on motor


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Function #1: Vegetable Juice Extractor

Samson" can extract healthy juices from kale, beets, spinach,
wheat grass, mugwort, yams, arrowroots, herb, parsley,
asparagus, cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, and many other
leafy greens.

It can also extract juices out of aloe and pine leaves which no
other existing juicers in the market have ever done before.

Function #2: Fruit Juicer

The low-speed screw gear prevents natural flavors and high
nutritional contents from being destroyed.

"Samson" can make juice out of apples, pears,
peaches, carrots, oranges, grapes, strawberries, tomatoes, kiwi fruit, melon, and many more!

Function #3: Seasonings Mincer/Chopper

"Samson" chops and minces seasonings such as garlic,
scallion, onion, red pepper, ginger, radish and many others
without destroying their natural flavor and nutrition.

Function #4: Meat/Fish Mincer

"Samson" can mince all kinds of meat and fish together with
chopped seasonings such as garlic, pepper and onion to
easily prepare a delicious meal.

Function #5: Food Mill

Samson" can be used to make bread sticks, cookies, and
It can be also used to make various types of noodles.

Function #6: Oil Extractor [optional, $80 extra]

"Samson" can extract oil from sesame seeds, olives, nuts, and other dry foods. In addition, the extractor is easy to disassemble, clean, and reassemble for other uses.


Noodle Nozzles
2 pieces
Pasta Nozzles
2 pieces
Juicing Nozzle
1 piece
Mincing Nozzle
1 piece
Juicing Screen
1 piece
Mincing Cone
1 piece
2 pieces
1 piece
Pusher / Plunger
1 piece
1 piece
1 piece
Color Cook Book
1 book
Video Tape
1 piece
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